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Hi, I'm Stephanie.

Shines Designs, LLC is a boutique concierge marketing firm located in western PA. Stephanie has over 15 years marketing experience with an earned M.A. in Advertising and Public Relations. Bachelor of Arts in Communications. Extensive experience includes working with businesses, media outlets, universities, retail stores, and nonprofits. Creative influence happens everywhere and for Stephanie, this includes being certified in Interior Design.


Your identity. This is more than a logo. It’s your CMYK or Hex colors. It’s the font and photographs. This is the cohesive design from letterhead, store signage to social media.

I will work with you to put this design in place so your brand is recognizable, trustworthy and credible to your customers and the public.

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Every day your door is knocked on by someone telling you they have the best advertising strategy for your dollar. How do you know it's true? Does it make sense to spend big bucks on a billboard? Or only use social media?

I will work with you to see what multimedia channels are the best outlet for your advertising dollar ROI.

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event planning

Happy Anniversary! Let’s celebrate. Special events for your clients can be anniversary parties, retirements, open houses, holiday celebrations, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, and general appreciation.

Planning a special event can be time consuming–looking at the big picture down to the smallest detail. And I do both!

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website design

As a small business owner, it might feel like you never sleep. Like you’re always working 24/7. You shouldn’t be. But your website should! Your website is your most important salesperson. What is it telling your clients?

If you don’t have a website, I will design one for you that works with your branding. If you haven’t done anything to your website in three years, it’s time to revamp it and I will put a fresh perspective on it.

Responsive website design


"Thank you, Stephanie, for a job well done!"

~Phil, President

Blazing New Trails

Website Design

"Can't go wrong with Stephanie Griffin as your photographer."

~Ryan, MBA

McGovern Wealth Management

Head Shots

I hired Stephanie to organize my event. Stephanie is very professional. She showed up she handled all of the advertising and administrative duties. She helped my event go smoothly and I would hire her for all of your event and marketing needs.

~Christina, Owner

Polishes & Potions

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Let's drive your business to success.

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